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White woman “susu” sticks!

Using found objects, glass beads and sculpted clay, just to name a few of the ingredients, the White Women Susu Sticks are created

These spirit sticks toas or “susus” have served as both practical and decorative uses within our societies since time began.

They are used as a “way marker”, a map, location finder, territorial marker or a talking stick. They can describe the characteristics of a location as well as it’s inhabitants.

My interest in the power of these sticks was peaked by my many visits to a “west end” beach. I just simply pick up two sticks that have been brought in from the sea and start tapping them together.

Magically, I am one with the universe.

The “ladies” you see displayed here are part of the “susu” story. the alley studio opened in 1999 in the back section of an incredible little antique and bookstore in Forks, WA.

The owner’s beautiful little daughter, Anastasia, could not quite pronounce my nameā€¦.Susan. “Susu”. “Susu”. “Susu”. Perfect!

Indigenous peoples worldwide have spirit sticks or sticks of the soul including this white woman from upstate New York.

White Women Susu Sticks can be found in collections internationally. Please enjoy!

Personal “Susus” designed upon request.