Land, Water & Wind

Ellen's Pond.jpgnew work four.jpgnew work three.jpgnew work six.jpgSafe Harbor 012.jpgnew work two.jpgFreshwater Bay.jpgUntitled.jpgPerry Farm II.jpgWeb ready Piller Point.jpgweb ready Elwah 2.jpgFive Flakes Web Ready.jpgPassage Web Ready.jpgWeb ready Elwah 1.jpgHighland Forest JPEG.jpgUntitled (Jeff Health) web ready.jpg

My most recent series reflecting the shapes, light and colors of the landscape are done on paper using pastel or pastel and watercolor combined.

They are the result of living in the rainforest for 30 years and then finding myself living on the North Olympic Peninsula which is classified as a desert.

Seeing the vastness of the sky, the openness of the fields and the horizon line that reaches forever is a never ending source of inspiration.